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1.46 The Seed of Existence


Ta ev sabij samadhi

ताः एव सबीजः समाधिः॥१.४६॥

Tā eva sabi̅jaḥ samādhiḥ ||1.46||

These all are Samadhi with seed.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali | Chapter 1 - Samadhi Pada | Verse 46 | Commentary |

We are creations of our environment. We do not have any control over where we are born – the socioeconomic status of the family and the country we are born in, domestic environment, availability of nutrition, emotional availability, and much more. Similarly, as we continue to grow from childhood, into adolescence and adulthood, we do not have control over the situations and circumstances that we encounter.

In Nature everything is balanced. Every organism must go through the cycle of birth, life, death, and repeat, but for human beings, life is a potential opportunity to get out of the cycle – like a seed has the potential to become a tree. But it needs to settle all its score. Nature always pays its debts.

The transactions yet to be completed are stored as impressions and travel lifetimes if they are not resolved. These impressions are stored as if in a seed, and according to the intensity of life, many transactions surface in the form of situations and people in our life. If we live fully, without getting stuck in the game of doership and blame, then one day the seed empties itself, and when the body drops, there is nothing left for the consciousness to rid of, and there is dissolution. It is not, however, necessary to go through all the transactions in the physical realm. Samadhi offers subtler realms where these impressions can be rid of in a fraction of time compared to the physical realm. All the states of samadhis discussed until now (Savitarka, Nirvitarka, Savichara, Nirvichara) do not access the subtle realm where this seed of impressions can be resolved. Hence,

these Samadhis are called Sabija Samadhi – Samadhis with seed.

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