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Na (न) - not

Naabhi (नाभि) - navel

Naabhi chakra (नाभि चक्र) - manipura chakra / energy centre at the navel

Naada (नाद) - unstruck sound / the subtle vibration created by the union of Shiva and Shakti tattva

Naadi (नाड़ी) - psychic energy channel through which the prana shakti flows

Naadi shodhana pranayama (नाड़ी शोधन प्राणायाम) - alternate nostril breathing, for balancing the ida and pingala nadis, the flow of prana shakti and breath purification

Naaga vayu (नाग वायु) - the upa-prana responsible for burp and hiccups

Nama (नम) - name / gross sound

Nasaagra / naasikaagra (नसाग्र / नासिकाग्र) - nosetip

Nasaagra drishti / naasikaagra drishti (नसाग्र दृष्टि/ नासिकाग्र दृष्टि) - gazing at the nose tip

Nasaagra mudra / naasikaagra mudra (नसाग्र मुद्रा/ नासिकाग्र मुद्रा) - hand position adopted during alternate nostril breathing

Naatha ((नाथ) - lord

Nauli (नौलि) - shatkarma involving the contraction and isolation of rectus abdomini muscles

Nahusha (नहूष) - king who became the lord of heaven

Nandi (नंदी) - vehicle of lord Shiva / son of Kaamadhenu

Naarad (नारद) - sage and author of aphorisms of bhakti - naarada bhakti sutra

Nar - naaraayan (नर नारायण) - son of dharma and grandson of Brahma

Narsimhaa (नरसिम्हा) - incarnation of lord Vishnu as half lion and half man

Nashtam (नष्टं) - lost / destroyed

Neti (नेती) - shatkarma for nasal cleansing

Nibandhani (निबंधनी) - foundation / origin 

Nidraa (निद्रा) - sleep state

Nigama (निगम) - part of Tantra Shaastra where Shakti instructs Shiva, relevant scriptures in Kaali Yug,

present age 

Nimittam (निमित्तं) - efficient cause

Nirlamba (निर्लम्ब) - unsupported

Nirantara (निरंतर) - without interruption

Nirbhaasam (निर्भासं) - shining / appearing

Nirnija (निर्बीज) - seedless / without seed

Nirgraahya (निर्ग्राह्य) - distinctly recognizable

Nirmaana (निर्माण) - creating / fabricating

Nirmaana chitta (निर्माण चित्त) - cultured consciousness

Nirmita (निर्मित) - measured out / formed / made / created

Nirmita chitta (निर्मित चित्त) - created or cultivated consciousness

Nirodha (निरोध) - restraint / check / obstruct

Nirodha chitta (निरोध चित्त) - restraining consciousness

Nirodha kshana (निरोध क्षण) - moment of restraint

Nirodha parinaama (निरोध परिणाम) - transformation towards restraint

Nirodha samskaara (निरोध संस्कार) - suppression of emerging thought waves

Niruddha (निरुद्ध) - obstructed / stopped / restrained

Nirupakrama (निरुपक्रम) - actions that do not give quick results

Nirvaan (निर्वाण) - highest level of samadhi, in which only subconscious remains

Nirvicaara (निर्विकार) - without reflection

Nirvitarka (निर्वितर्क) - without analysis

Nishpatti avasthaa (निष्पत्ति अवस्था) - state of becoming one with body mind and self

Nitya (नित्य) - eternal

Nivrtti (निवृत्ति) - resigning / cessation / abstinence

Nivrtti maarga (निवृत्ति मार्ग) - path of abstention from worldly concerns or engagements

Niyama (नियम) - moral codes of conduct / second of the eight limbs of Patanjali - purity, contentment, self-discipline, self-study and surrender to God

Nyaaya (न्याय) - logic, a branch of Indian Philosophy

Nyaasaat (न्यासात) - directing / projecting / extending

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