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Muktevasi Sarvada

You are and have always been free.

Yoga is neither a serious activity, nor a difficult one. You do not have to stand on your head to make sense of the world inside, or outside, you. You do not have to stretch your muscles into oblivion to make sure you never break. You do not have to hold your breath until you pass out.  You do not have to concentrate until your head seems ready to burst.


Yoga is an easy and joyful way of finding a lasting connection with your body, breath, energy, and consciousness. It is about listening to your body. It is about being aware of your breath. It is about figuring out your own mind. It is about stretching your ideas about yourself. It is about finding balance between your resources, desires and energy. It is about expanding your consciousness. It is about realizing the bliss that is your birthright. ​There is no reason you cannot practice Yoga.

Yoga is effortlessness.

Yoga is true to its philosophy in its practice.

It is all encompassing.

It is unifying. 

Yoga, truly, is for everybody. 

Vinyasa Yoga Hatha Yoga Asanas

Experience Asanas.

Discover your Body.

Unlock your Strength. 

An all inclusive Hatha Yoga module focused on Asanas harmonized with Breath and Awareness.

Arnavh Hatha Yoga Ashtanga Yoga Prana Pranayamas

Experience Pranayama.

Discover your Breath. 

Unlock your Energy.

An all inclusive Hatha Yoga module focused on Prana and Pranayamas.

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