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What comes to your mind when you encounter this word which has become a common term across the world? Flexibility? Asanas? Pranayamas? Contorted bodies which can be applauded but cannot be emulated? Or do you sigh out a deep breath, remembering the peace that settles in after practicing meditation? Yoga is much more than that.

Yoga is a way of life, a science of living, and a philosophy which answers questions that have scratched the minds of our race since we evolved a higher awareness. Yoga is ancient - probably older than Time (if that makes sense) as it deals with Time, Space, Matter and beyond. The Yogic Literature deals with concepts like the beginning of the universe, evolution, energy, life, death, and questions consciousness, reality, truth and purpose of it all. While not everything needs to be known, what must be understood that Yoga is  a means of simple living that helps each individual to achieve his/her full potential of existence. Yoga, simply put, is the art of living a fulfilling life.

The team of Arnavh consists of passionate individuals who try to practice Yoga in their lives and have benefitted from this ancient knowledge physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga has immense potential to transform lives for the better. We at ARNAVH wish to make YOGA available and accessible to one and all. While the knowledge is ancient, our effort is to present Yoga that can be applied in the current times. Yoga needs to be understood with patience and this is our endeavor - to understand and help people understand.

We cannot teach you anything, for true knowledge is not gained, but realized.  We are here to do Yoga with you - to share and build together a magnificent world. Simply put, we wish to be a reliable companion to your journey to health, joy and bliss. 

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