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Ha (ह)- sun / seer

Halaahala (हलाहल)- a deadly poison that came out with Goddess Lakshmi while churning the ocean

Hamsa / Hamso (हँसा / हँसो)- psychic sound or the mantra of breath, hamsa literally refers to a swan, has an unique ability to separate milk from water, similarly, Hamsa or hamso once realised, gives rise to the perception of reality

Haanam (हानं)- act of leaving, stopping or quitting

Haanopaayah (हानोपायः)- means to remove deficiency

Hanumana (हनुमान)- monkey chief / son of the wind

Hasti (हस्ती)- elephant

Hatha (हठ)- willpower

Hathayoga (हठयोग)- a path of yoga that leads to self realization through vigorous and rigorous discipline

Hatha yogi (हठ योगी)- one who practices hatha yoga

Hetu (हेतु)- motive / cause

Hetutvaat (हेतुत्वात)- caused by / on account of

Heya (हेय)- grief / dislike

Heyakshina (हेयक्षिणा)- grief to be discarded / eliminated / destroyed

Himaalaya (हिमालय)- abode of snow

Himsa / hinsaa (हिंसा)- violence

Hiranyagarbha (हिरण्यगर्भ)- golden womb / brahman

Hlaada (ह्लाद)- pleasant

Hridaya (हृदय)- heart

Hridaya pundaarika (हृदय पुंडरीक)- the lotus of the heart

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