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Kabir (कबीर) - 15th-16th century poet, devotee of Lord Rama

Kaivalya (कैवल्य) - eternal emancipation / absolute state of aloneness

Kaivalya Paada (कैवल्य पाद)- fourth part of Yoga Sutra on Eternal Emancipation

Kaivalya Samadhi (कैवल्य समाधि) - highest state of samadhi

Kaaka Mudra (काक मुद्रा)- one of the gestures where tongue is rolled in to touch the upper palate

Kaaki Mudra (काकी मुद्रा) - crow’s beak gesture

Kalaa (कला) - one of the kanchukas, that shrinks universal authorship and limits agency

Kaala (काल) - time / period of time

Kaala Chakra (काल चक्र) - wheel of time / movement of movements

Kaala phala (काल फल) - fruit of time

Kaali / Kaalimaata (काली / कालीमाता) - goddess of destruction

Kaali Yug (काली युग) - the present age / last of the four ages in the cycle of the days in Brahma

Kalpa (कल्प) - period of 4,320,000,000 years, the day of Brahma in which 4 yugas recur 1000 times.

Kaama (काम) - desire / lust / third major aim of life

Kaamdeva (कामदेव) - God of sensual gratifications, also known as cupid

Kaama roopa (काम रूप) - named after kaamdeva / also refers to sexual organs

Kanchuka (कंचुक) - limiting aspects of cosmic shakti as maya

Kanda (कंद) - a bulbous root

Kandasthaana (कंदस्थान) - root centre of nadis in the navel region

Kanphatta Yogi (कनफट्ट योगी) - a sect of yogis tracing its lineage back to Gorakhnath, meaning “split ear yogi” as their ears were pierced and carried heavy rings, preferably made from rhinoceros horn.

Kantaka (कंटक) - thorn / point of a needle or pin

Kantha (कंठ) - throat

Kantha kupa (कंठ कूप) - pit of the throat / vishuddhi chakra

Kapaal (कपाल) - skull / cerebrum

Kapaalbhaati Pranayama (कपालभाति प्राणायाम) - frontal brain purification through rapid nostril breathing, active exhalation and passive inhalation

Kapaal moksha (कपाल मोक्ष ) - final stage of liberation where yogi’s soul leaves the body by passing through the crown of the head

Kapaalrandhra Dhauti (कपालरंध्र धौति) - shatkarma for the cleansing of the frontal sinuses

Kapha (कफ) - one of the three doshas / phlegm / mucus 

Kapila (कपिल) - name of the sage who was the founder of Samkhya Philosophy

Kaarana (कारण) - cause

Kaaran sharira (कारण शरीर) - causal body

Kaarita (कारित) - to provoke

Kaaritvaat (कारित्वात) - on account of it / because of it

Karma (कर्म) - action / performance / duty

Karmaashaya (कर्माशय) - storage of past impressions / past karma / actions / words / thoughts

Karma maarga (कर्म मार्ग) - path of action

Karma phala (कर्म फल) - fruit of action

Karmayoga (कर्म योग) - yoga of action

Karmendriyaa (कर्मेन्द्रिया ) - organ of action

Karna Dhauti (कर्ण धौति) - shatkarma for cleansing of the ears

Karunaa (करुणा) - compassion

Kaarya Sharira (कार्य शरीर) - gross body

Kriyaa Shuddhi (क्रिया शुद्धि) - cleansing of action

Kathamtaa (कथंता) - whence / in what way / how

Kaushalam (कौशलं) - well being / skillfulness / cleverness

Kaayaa (काया) - body / bodily action / deed

Kaayaa sthairyam (काया स्थैर्यं) - practice of absolute steadiness and complete awareness of the physical body

Kevala (केवल) - alone / pure / unmingled / perfect in one’s self

Kevala Kumbhaka (केवल कुम्भक ) - non-deliberate retention of breath

Khechari Mudra (खेचरी मुद्रा) - gesture of cutting the frenum of the tongue in order to increase its length to touch the eye-brow and then rolling in to close the wind and food pipe

Kim (किं) - what

Klesha (क्लेष) - afflictions / pain / distress

Klishta (क्लिष्ट) - afflicted / tormented /  hurt

Kosha (कोष ) - sheath / layer


Krama (क्रम) - order / sequence / regular course

Kriyaa (क्रिया) - action / execution / practice

Kriyaamaan Karma (क्रियामान कर्म) - action that generates fruits in future lives

Kriyaa yoga (क्रिया योग) - yoga of action

Krkara (कृकरा) - upaprana that creates sneezing and coughing

Krodha (क्रोध) - anger

Krishna (कृष्ण) - eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu

Krishna Paksha (कृष्ण पक्ष) - dark fortnight when the moon is waning

Krita (कृत) - directly done

Kritaartham (कृतार्थं) - a fulfilled soul

Kshana (क्षण) - a moment / an infinitesimal unit in time 

Kshana Chakra (क्षण चक्र) - orderly rhythmic procession of moments

Kshatriya (क्षत्रिय) - warrior class / martial race / one of the 4 hindu varnas

Kshaya (क्षय) - diminish / destroy / decay / destruction

Kshetram (क्षेत्रम) - field / origin / place

Kshetrik (क्षेत्रिक) - a farmer / peasant

Kshetrikavat (क्षेत्रिकवत) - like a farmer

Kshina (क्षीण) - discarded / destroyed

Kshiptaa (क्षिप्ता) - neglected / distracted

Kshiyate (क्षीयते) - destroyed / dissolved

Kshut (क्षुत) - hunger

Kumbhak (कुम्भक) - retention

Kundalini (कुण्डलिनी) - divine cosmic energy

Kupa (कूप) - pit / well

Kurma (कूर्म) - tortoise / second incarnation of Lord Vishnu

Kurmasana (कुर्मासन) - tortoise pose

Kurmanaadi (कूर्मनाड़ी) - name of the nadi in the epigastria region

Kurma Vayu (कूर्म वायु) - upaprana that causes the eyelids to blink

Kushala ( कुशल) - proficiency

Kutshtha nityan (कूटश्ठ नित्यं) - the changeless seer

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