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Yama (यम) - name for the God of Death / also the first of the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, ethical discipline - non-violence, truthfulness, non-misappropriation, celibacy and non-greediness 

Yamunaa (यमुना) - a holy river emanating from yamnotri in Himalayas and joining river ganga near Allahabad, North India / a celebrated river beside which Lord Krishna lived and played as a child in Vrindavan / refers to pingala nadi in pranic body

Yantra (यंत्र) - precisely calculated geometrical symbol representing specific confrontations of the forces of Shakti and consciousness / a process of concentration upon specific forms employed in tantra to liberate potential energy and consciousness in an individual

Yathaabhimat (यथाभिमत) - a selected or pleasing thing

Yatamaana (यतमान) - disengaging the senses from action

Yatnah (यत्नः) - effort / continuous effort

Yayaati (ययाति) - son of king Nahusha

Yoga (योग) - yoking / uniting / joining / contacting / union / association / connection / deep meditation / concentration / contemplation on the supreme union of the body mind and soul, union with divine

Yoga abhyaas (योग अभ्यास) - practice of the philosophy of yoga

Yoga bhrashta (योग भ्रष्ट) - one who has fallen from the position of yoga or fallen from the grace of yoga / deprived of virtue

Yoga chudaamani upanishad (योग चूड़ामणि उपनिषद्) - one of the Yoga Upanishad

Yoga darshan (योग दर्शन) - like a mirror, yoga reflects one’s soul through one’s thoughts and actions / one of the six Indian Philosophy

Yoga danda (योग दंड) - specifically designed rod which yogis rest in the armpit to change the flow of breath in the nostrils

Yogaagni (योगाग्नि) - the fire of yoga

Yogaanushaasanam (योगानुशासनं) - the yogic code of conduct

Yogaasana (योगासन) - yogic postures

Yogashaastra (योगशास्त्र) - science of yoga

Yoga nidraa (योग निद्रा) - yogic sleep in which the conscious mind is asleep but the awareness remains active

Yoga sutra (योग सूत्र) - yoga aphorisms of Maharshi Patanjali

Yoga svarupa (योग स्वरूप) - natural constitution of yoga / natural states of yoga

Yoga Vaasishta (योग वासिष्ठ) - treatise on yoga, spoken by Vaasishta to Lord Raam, the king of Ayodhya, seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu

Yogeshvara (योगेश्वर) - Lord Krishna / Lord of Yoga

Yogi (योगी) - adept of yoga

Yoginah (योगिनः) - of a yogi

Yogini (योगिनी) - female adept of yoga

Yogiraaj (योगिराज) - king among yogis

Yogyataa manasah (योग्यता मनसः) - ability of the mind / a ripe mind

Yogyatvaani (योग्यत्वानि) - fitness to see

Yoni (योनि) - womb / source / specially carved stone in which the shivalingam rests, represents the source that supports and sustains spiritual consciousness

Yoni mudraa (योनि मुद्रा) - hand gesture that symbolises the womb or the source during meditation

Yudhishthira (युधिष्ठिर) - son of Pandu of Mahabharata

Yuga (युग) - an age or a cycle of earth and mankind

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