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The invention of languages happened millennia ago. Many languages have disappeared over the years, taking along with them many fields of skill and knowledge. Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages in the world, has fortunately survived and is now emerging once more from obscurity. It is unique for it is structure and it's precise grammar. The language is more akin to mathematics as it works on formulas and algorithms which allow the language to give even after thousands of years. Many Yogic scriptures were originally written in Sanskrit or the major commentaries are in Sanskrit and require a skilled Sanskrit mind to be comprehended properly. 

Ashwini Aggarwal has authored books that combine Sanskrit and Yoga. He has written commentaries on the principal Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga texts, and has authored books on the Sanskrit Language for the novice as well as the scholar. His grip on the language, experience of the modern world, and practice of Yoga provides a unique insight into these scriptures which have impacted many a mind all across the world, and his scholarly mind aims to teach Sanskrit to the interested in an easy, fun and sure way. 

With more than 60 books to his name, Ashwini has provided a much needed practicality to both the Yoga and Sanskrit like never before. 

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