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Ubhaya (उभय) - of both

Udaana (उदान) - one of the five major vaayus, situated around throat region

Udaaranaam (उदारणाम) - highly active

Udaarkarshan asana (उदारकर्षण आसन) - abdominal massage pose

Udaya (उदय) - the rise

Uddiyaana bandha (उड्डियान बंध) - abdominal lock, drawing in of the abdomen towards backbone after exhaling

Udita (उदित) - ascended / manifested / generation

Uditau (उदितौ) - rising

Ujjayi praanaayaama (उज्जयी प्राणायाम) - psychic breath performed by contracting the epiglottis producing a light sonorous sound

Uktam (उक्तं) - described

Unmani (उन्मनी) - literally means no mind or without mind / state of samadhi / consciousness devoid of finite mind

Upalabdhi (उपलब्धि) - to find / perceive / recognize

Upanimantrane (उपनिमन्त्रणे) - on invitation / on being invited

Upanishad (उपनिषद्) - the book of Vedas, literally means sitting down near the guru to receive spiritual knowledge, traditionally 108 in number, contains knowledge revealed to disciple by guru, the realization of the rishis and sages concerning reality and real identity and nature of individual consciousness

Upapraana / upavaayu (उपप्राण / उपवायु) - five supporting vaayus

Uparaaga (उपराग) - conditioning / coloring

Uparaktam (उपरक्तं) - colored / reflected

Upaasanaa (उपासना) - concentration / dharma / worship

Upasarga (उपसर्ग) - hindrances / obstacles

Upasthaanam (उपस्थानम) - approaching / coming up

Upaaya (उपाय) - that by which one reaches one’s aim / means / way / stratagem

Upekshaa (उपेक्षा) - indifference or non-attachment towards pleasure and pain

Upekshitvaat (उपेक्षित्वात) - expectations

Urvashi (ऊर्वशी) - a famous mystical damsel / daughter of Nara-Narayana

Utkataasana (उत्कटासन) - chair pose / squatting position with separated knees

Utkraantih (उत्क्रांतिः) - ascension / levitation

Utpannaa (उत्पन्ना) - born / produced

Utsaaha (उत्साह) - cheerfulness

Uttaanakoormasana (उत्तानकूर्मासन) - stretching tortoise pose / one of the advanced hatha yoga postures

Uttareshaam (उत्तरेषाम) - that which follows / subsequent

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