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Ca (च)- and

Chaitanya (चैतन्य )- saint from Bengal

Chakra (चक्र)- spinning wheels of energy in the spinal column

Chakshu (चक्षु)- eye

Chandra (चंद्र)- moon / referred to mind

Chandra sthaana (चंद्र स्थान)- the place of parasympathetic nervous system

Charitaadhikaara (चरिताधिकार)- power of attaining one’s object or objective / serving a purpose

Chaturthah (चतुर्थः)- the fourth

Chintana (चिन्तन)- deliberate thinking

Chintaa (चिंता)- disturbed thought

Chitta (चित्त)- the supreme consciousness 

Chittashakti (चित्तशक्ति)- power of the self

Chitra nadi (चित्र नाड़ी)- one of the nadis sprouting from the heart

Chitta bhaava (चित्त भाव)- feeling of the consciousness

Chitta jnaana (चित्त ज्ञान)- knowledge of the self

Chitta laya (चित्त लय)- reposed consciousness / dissolution of the self

Chitta shuddhi (चित्त शुद्धि)- purity of the consciousness

Chitta vikshape (चित्त विक्षेप)- distractions / scattered consciousness

Chitta Vritti (चित्त वृत्ति)- movements in the consciousness

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