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Ichhaa (इच्छा)- will

Ichhaa Prajna / pragyaa (इच्छा प्रज्ञा)- knowledge of the will

Ida (इड़ा)- nadi of moon / nadi of sympathetic nervous system

Indra (इन्द्र)- the lord of heaven

Indriya (इन्द्रिय)- sense of perception / organ of action / mind

Indriyamaya (इन्द्रियमय)- oneness with senses

Ishah (ईशः)- God

Ishatva (ईशत्व)- supremacy overall / one of the eight supernatural powers

Ishta devataa (इष्ट देवता)- the desired deity

Ishvara (ईश्वर)- God / Lord

Ishvara Pranidhaana (ईश्वर प्रणिधान)- surrender of oneself to God (Pra- fullness / ni- under / dhaana- placement)

Ishvara tattva (ईश्वर तत्त्व )- cosmic causal body of sound /  parabindu 

Itaratra (इतरत्र)- at other times / elsewhere

Iti (इति)- that is all / thus

Itralingam (इत्रलिंगम )- lingam situated in ajna chakra

Iva (इव)- like / as it were / as if / appearance

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