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Dairghyataa (दैर्घ्यता)- expansion

Dakshina (दक्षिण)- right / offering to the guru during initiation

Dakdhina maarga (दक्षिण मार्ग)- the right hand path of tantra, where one practices sadhana alone in order to attain self realization

Dakshina nauli (दक्षिण नौलि)- one of the shatkarma, contraction of abdominal muscles isolating the rectus abdomini muscles

Dakshina swara (दक्षिण स्वर)- flow of breath through right nostril

Dakshina tantra (दक्षिण तंत्र)- the path of tantra sadhana that excludes pancha tantra and sexual affairs between men and women 

Darshana (दर्शन)- seeing / looking / perception / sight / vision / knowledge

Darshinah (दर्शिनः )- the seer

Danda (डंड)- stick

Daurmanasya (दौर्मनस्य)- despair / fickle mindedness

Dehaabhimaanatva (देहाभिमानत्व)- believing that perishable body is the self

Deva (देव)- angel

Devdatta (देवदत्त)- upavaayu that causes yawning and induces sleep

Devayaani (देवयानी)- daughter of sShukracharya, wife of king Yayaati

Dhairya (धैर्य)- courage

Dhammapaada (धम्मपाद)- treatise of Buddhism

Dhananjaya (धनञ्जय)- upavaayu that pervades produces phlegm, nourishes and remains in body after death, inflates the corpse

Dhaarana (धारणा)- 6th limb of Ashtaanga Yoga, concentration / focus / attention

Dharma (धर्म)- religious duty / virtue / first of four aims of life

Dharma magha (धर्म मेघ)- rain-cloud of justice / delightful fragrance of virtue

Dharma parinaama (धर्म परिणाम)- transformation towards virtue

Dharmi (धर्मी)- virtuous / religious

Dhaaric (धार्मिक)- pertaining to dharma

Dhatu (धातु)- constituent elements of body

Dhauti (धौति)- one of the shatkarma, cleansing of the digestive and respiratory tract, also affects eyes and ears.

Dhyana (ध्यान)- meditation

Dhyaanaam (ध्यानजं)- born of meditation

Diksha (दीक्षा)- initiation given by guru

Dipti (दीप्ती)- radiation / brilliancy

Dirgha (दीर्घ)- long

Divya (दिव्य)- divine

Divya chitta (दिव्य चित्त)- divine consciousness

Dosha (दोष)- humours of the body(vata / pitta / kapha)

Drashta (द्रष्टा)- seer

Dridhabhumi (दृढभूमि)- firm ground

Drk (द्रक)- power of consciousness

Drsham / drishyam (दृशं / दृश्यम)- seen object

Drshta ( द्रष्टा)- visible / perceable

Drshtraa (दृष्ट्रा)- the knower / the seer

Drishya (दृश्य)- visible / to be seen

Drshyatvaat (दृश्यत्वात)- on an account of knowability / perceability

Dukha (दुख)- sorrow / pain / grief

Dvaita (द्वैत)- philosophy of the supreme consciousness where one perceives himself separate from supreme soul and aspires for the union of the two

Dvandah (द्वन्दः)- dualities / opposite

Dvesha (द्वेष)- dislike / aversion / hatred

Dwapara yuga (द्वापर युग)- third age or circle of the day of brahma

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