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Yoga for Vitality
Experience Pranayama. Discover your Breath. Unlock your Energy.

Sanskrit: Spandan = Vibration

Yoga: Spandan = pulsation of consciousness

The entire universe is simply vibrations. Every atom, every object, whether it is animate or inanimate has its own frequency at which it vibrates. Vibration is the presence of quivering energy, and energy can be diminished, expanded, transformed or resonated with. The potential and possibilities with energy are endless for there are no boundaries. It simply exists as potential, alive and dynamic - available to do with it what you will. 


The human body has its own energy. The Yogic Science calls it Prana. Prana is what is keeping us alive - it is what allows manifestation of the body, the awareness of the mind, the racing of the thoughts, the experience of the emotions. Prana controls the biocycles and the patterns of life. Prana is life - a person with higher Prana is more lively, and available to the higher dimensions of existence. When Death comes, Prana leaves the body. This Prana is accessible to be tapped into.


Pranayama has two meaning - "controlling Prana" and "expanding Prana". Both are the functions of Pranayama. Pranayamas, through the medium of breath, allow us to expand the Prana. It offers the possibility of experiencing life in ultra-clarity, and profound depth.


Pranayamas are not easy to master, and its science is complex. That which has so much power to elevate, also has the power to push down the experience of life. There is a vital need to be guided in the practice of Pranayama to make sure all we reap are its benefits.


SPANDAN is an all-inclusive Hatha Yoga module designed by ARNAVH. Each one hour session of SPANDAN is a group class that will focus on progression of Pranayamas along with rhythmic Asana flows, to discover the secrets breath has to offer, and unlock the energies that are within us. 



  • Increase in vitality and strength

  • Improved memory

  • Increase in attention span

  • Increase in focusing capability

  • Improved awareness

  • Regulation of emotions

  • Prevention and management of psychosomatic diseases

  • Recalibration of Biological Clock

  • Regulation of Endocrine System

  • Improved Digestive System

  • Improved Sleep quality

  • Strengthening of Spine

  • Increased Stamina

What You Will Experience

Asset 15.png
  • Free consultation session with Yoga Therapist to guide your lifestyle according to your constitution.

  • Online Live Group Classes (online)

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Asana Flows

  • Advanced Pranayamas

  • Kumbhakas (breath retention)

  • Mudras (psychic gestures)

  • Relaxation Techniques


What You Will Need

  • Yoga Mat

  • Hard cushion for support for long-sitting

  • Water bottle

  • Towel

  • A Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop with access to Internet

  • Zoom Meeting Application in your device

  • Bluetooth Speakers/Earphones

  • Yoga Blocks (optional but recommended) 

Session Details

  • Starting Date:  2023

  • Language: English

  • Location: Zoom Meetings (Online)

  • Duration: 60-70 minutes

  • Time: 7 - 8 AM (Indian Standard Time)

  • Days: Tue - Thur - Sat (3 days a week)

  • 31st day of the month will be off

  • 13 sessions a month - group classes

  • Fees:

  • Pre-requisite: None


About your Teacher

  • Name - Dipanshu Aggarwal

  • Qualification

    • B.E - Electronics and Communication

    • M.Sc - Yogic Sciences

  • Certification

    • Yoga Alliance RYT-200​

    • Yoga Certification Board Level 3 - Teacher and Evaluator

    • Sri Sri School of Yoga - 350hour Teacher Training Program

  • Author

    • 84 Yoga Asanas Fitness Postures​

    • Tough Stance Strength Flexibility Alertness

    • Live One Hour Yoga Sessions

  • Teaching Experience > 600 hours

For more details, please contact:

 +(91) 769-669-2773

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  • Facebook
  • Twitter
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