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nāsti yogatparam balam I  नास्ति योगात्परम् बलम् ।।
Nothing is more powerful than Yoga. 


The "ancient" knowledge of Yoga has survived because it has always been contemporary. ARNAVH is an attempt to bring this knowledge to the fore once again in a creative and intuitive way so that everyone may realise and experience that Yoga is simply the science of living in harmony with the entire creation within and without. 


Arnavh Yoga Classes



Texts like Patanjali's Yoga Sutras have enlightened paths for many a wanderer. Open to interpretation, these texts offer unmatched depth to perspective and life (and Death) itself. 


Hatha Pradipika is one of the classical texts describing in detail the various components of Hatha Yoga. Read now to learn about the asana, pranayama and other techniques of Yoga given in this text along with their benefits.


The Yogic texts are layered with meaning. The texts use a lot of terms that we do not understand and cannot find the meaning of. Therefore, we have created a complete list of words with precise meaning of each and every term we could possibly find with the slightest relation to Yoga. 

You are welcome.  

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